Website Accessibility

(Updated 10/2/2019)

FTPE is committed to ensuring the accessibility of this website to all users, including those with disabilities.

We have adopted the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level A as our standard. We strive to maintain our website in accordance with this standard and to provide the best user experience to all our site visitors. We validate our compliance with the Google Lighthouse Accessibility Audit tool.

We recommend using the most current version (or one version prior) of the Assistive Technology(s), along with a current version of your device’s operating system and browsers.

Assistive Technologies / Accessibility Tools

We recommend the following device and assistive technology combinations for the best user experience:


Google Chrome Accessibility Tools: These are extensions that can be added to your Chrome browser to enhance the user experience.
MacOS: VoiceOver with Safari
Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer: View web pages without a variety of modern browser features
JAWS: Screen reader for sale that works with Windows and Firefox.
Lynx: Text-only web browser for blind users with refreshable Braille displays
NVDA: Firefox or Chrome
Opera: Visual browser with many accessibility-related features, including text zooming, and image toggle

Mobile devices

Android: TalkBack
Apple: VoiceOver (iPhone and iPad)

Free document readers for PDFs and Video

Links are provided below to product websites where you may download free document readers.
Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf extension)
Adobe Flash Player (.swf extension)
Microsoft Windows Media Player
(.wmv extension)
Apple QuickTime Player (.mov extension)

Contact Us

We welcome your feedback, questions, or concerns. If you cannot fully access the information or tools on any page of our website, please contact us at or call us at (650) 483-6080.
Please let us know the nature of your accessibility issue, the URL with which you are having difficulty, and your contact information.